Sleep School

Sleep School

IIS is pleased to offer a formal sleep school providing valuable occupational training and a wide-ranging educational curriculum to keep physicians and technologists certified and up to date on the most innovative developments in the field.

The IIS has trained some of the most well-qualified and sought after technologists in the field today. For current or prospective Registered Polysomnographic Technologists, the IIS Sleep School is an opportunity to learn more about how to assist in the education, evaluation, treatment and follow up of sleep disorders patients of all ages. You’ll explore accepted standards of care and the tools used in the interest of establishing diagnoses and developing future therapeutic interventions, which require expertise in the specialty of Sleep Medicine.

The sleep school’s physician training components and webinars have significantly increased disease awareness and advocacy. The Sleep School offers an opportunity to become credentialed as an interpreting physician and increase your earning power.

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Physicians are interested in learning how to interpret sleep studies so that they may become credentialed sleep specialists are invited to attend IIS’s available webinar. Physicians obtain a login and password, then have one week to view the webinar at their convenience. Adding this credential to your list of services is one more way to improve your bottom line and increase your knowledge of sleep disorders which may be affecting many aspects of your patients’ health.