Sleep Lab Management

Sleep Lab Management

Managing a sleep lab or center can be a monumentally complicated and challenging task. It requires extraordinary attention to details; a strict training and operations protocol; juggling innumerable tasks that are thrown from many directions including patients, doctors’ offices, hospitals, insurance companies, and suppliers; and in many cases, the services provided can make a difference between a healthy life and death.

Fortunately, IIS has mastered all of these tasks and is available to manage sleep labs and centers across the nation.

“IIS is the Joint Commission-accredited company behind many of the most successfully run sleep centers in the United States.”

IIS is the Joint Commission-accredited company behind many of the most successfully run sleep centers in the United States. These programs are strong, profitable and adhere to strict protocols; while satisfied patients are getting exceptional care and help for their sleep disorders.

IIS partners with facilities to design a customized arrangement to meet specific needs. We assess requirements and create a plan to implement in all aspects of the center’s operation. We also have an extensive staff training program to ensure only well-educated and well-prepared technicians are interacting with patients. This training prevents high employee turnover, limits staffing constraints and gives patients a sense of confidence about the care they are receiving.

The many advantages of working with IIS to manage a sleep center include:

  • Assistance with design and expansion of new/existing sleep center
  • Financial modeling, projection and performance analyses
  • Selection and implementation of all diagnostic and clinical equipment
  • 24-hour access to medical directors, interpreting physicians and administrative staff
  • All clinical supplies and disposable items are handled
  • Highly skilled sleep technologists to complete the studies
  • Scoring support by senior members of the clinical team
  • Quality assurance programs
  • 24 hour technical, clinical and administrative support
  • Training for administrative staff
  • Development and maintenance of custom Policy and Procedure manuals
  • Marketing support through physician contact and customized materials