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“You just never know how much a sleep disorder is affecting your life until you get help. Im truly feel like the International Institute of Sleep changed my life, perhaps even saved my life. Thank you, IIS!” Joseph G.

“The International Institute of Sleep has been my partner in treating my sleep apnea since the moment I first walked in the door for a sleep study. I never have to worry about my equipment and they are always available to answer my questions.” Mary M.

“I went somewhere else for a sleep study before I came to IIS, and the difference was incredible. At IIS, I finally got the answers, empathy and attention I needed all along. Everyone is so professional and knowledgeable. Now I recommend IIS to everyone I know who tells me they aren’t sleeping well.” Stephanie B.

“I had so much anxiety about having a sleep study done. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at all at the sleep center. I was so believed to learn that IIS offers remotely attended sleep studies so I could sleep in my own bed and get all the same results as if I’d
have gone to the center. It worked out well for me!”
John F.

“I was suffering from an unusual sleep disorder which was disrupting the rest of my life and affecting my health. I was actually becoming quite depressed, but once I went to IIS, they were able to diagnose my problem and introduce the solutions that have made all the difference. I am so much better today and I owe it all to IIS.” Ben C.

“As a trucker, I understand how important it is to get quality sleep, but it was hard being on the road. I was feeling so tired and sluggish, and I am incredibly grateful to have gotten guidance from IIS to help me sleep well and be a safer driver. And the best part is, I was able to get the help I needed while I was away from home—no missed time or having to go out of my way.” Gordon B.

“Our sleep center was struggling, having a hard time finding quality staff and then keeping them; getting the word out; and providing the basic service that our patients expected. We weren’t sure if we would make it until we called IIS in as a consultant. Today, we are more profitable, efficient and reliable than ever. We have more than quadrupled our volume of sleep studies, and through their extensive training, IIS was able to bring us the staff that we had been lacking. It has been an amazing experience working with IIS!” Michelle R.

“My doctor wanted to send me another sleep center, but I couldn’t get an appointment for testing for almost three months. And then they said it would be two weeks after the study before I got my test results back. My wife said my sleep apnea was getting worse, so I didn’t think I should wait that long. I called IIS and they fit me in the very next day, and I had my life-saving test results back the next week. I really believe that this experience saved my life because I was headed for a stroke, heart attack or worse.” Steven F.

“Professional, courteous, kind and comforting—that’s how I would describe everyone who I met at the International Institute of Sleep. It was such an easy experience, in fact it was better than sleeping at home in my own bed!” Judy T.

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